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Energy trading & hedging services

Statkraft is one of the most important actors in the European energy market. We trade energy in more than 20 countries and are active on 13 energy exchanges.

As one of the largest renewable energy producers worldwide, we have developed our market operations firstly for our own portfolio in the 1990s. In the late 1990s, Statkraft decided to provide this competency to others:

  • We trade standardised energy products and develop tailor-made hedging strategies.
  • For our customers, we analyse the drivers of power prices, forecast and buy and sell renewable energy in the market.
Wind turbine
Photo: Ole Martin Wold

Roan wind farm in Norway.

For power generators

Beyond managing our own production, we offer market access, forecasting, balancing and flexible asset management for 3rd party asset owners who are looking for a steady and optimised revenue.

Skyscraper and trees in the sun
Photo: Shutterstock, 702586714. taka1022

For energy consumers

Through our trading activities, we gain access to qualified knowledge of the global energy market and can take positions on expected outcomes. We put in place hedging strategies and off-take future risks for energy consumers:

  • tailor-made hedging strategies
  • full supply
  • options (spark, dark and clean spreads as well as cross-commodity)
  • futures and forwards
Grid and solar panel

For energy suppliers

Our services include

  • power trades
  • full supply
  • hedging services with futures and options
  • 24/7 forecasting and balancing
Water and golden rock
Photo: William Wootton

The Tidong River in India

We navigate the complex waters of the energy market

  • informed forecasting, trading and risk management strategies
  • algorithmic trading with in-house tools
  • 24/7 presence in the market
  • cross-commodity market insights

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Fredrik Åkerlund
Senior Originator Finland
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Senior Originator Finland